The Pros and Cons of Becoming a Floral Designer

Floral designer are the people which add flowers décor to any event. These are mostly hired by event planner because they need help from floral designers in deciding what kind of flowers are best for a certain event and the flowers should give a meaning to the event as well. Floral designers are also hired by people who want their special day to become more like a fairy land and so the people could tell the tales. Being a floral designer may seem easy and at some point, it actually is and even the perfect flower has a petal missing, same case goes with the floral designers.

The pro is that, if you are creative you can become a floral designer. You don’t need any kind of degree that is necessary and a good thing is most people don’t question the skills of floral designers too. The con is that, they are not highly paid. Although, it is an easy for job some but easy doesn’t pay the bills and cultivating or getting flowers seeds is not easy. What is also not easy is growing them in a perfect cut and color. People who are creative love this job because there is a saying that do what you love and you don’t have to work a single day.

But there are people who work as a florist because they didn’t find any other job and taking care of plants is a very tough job. And most florists don’t have a lot of employees. And if there are some employees, they are not paid enough. Due to this reason it can become stressful at times. It can become stressful when someone ordered a type of flowers week ago and still, they haven’t bloomed enough, and the florists have to get them from another shop or wholesaler which is a big disadvantage for them. No matter how much advance the technology gets the research on flowers are always limited and there is nothing new exciting about this field.

But if you are in UAE, where growing flowers in desert can be a miracle and the florists are appreciated. And at all times, there are events happening in the happening country. The florists there have made a good fortune by sending those flowers and working with them as corporate gifts suppliers in Dubai. Visit this site to see the latest research on different flowers and their benefits.