Team building games that your team won’t hate to participate in

Team building activities are supposed to encourage employees to bond with one another, learn how their mind works and how they are supposed to solve problems all the while having fun. But when your employees dread over the thought of team building activities then just know that all of the benefits of team building activities in Dubai are simply wasted. But this won’t be the case if you follow these team building activities that they are going to love:

  • Life experiences

This is the perfect way to bond with employees. All you have to do is gather 3 people in a team – preferably those three who are comfortable with one another. One of them will be required to share their life experience which left an impact on them. With the first participant they are supposed to share the negative aspects more while positive aspects with the other one. They both are supposed to help find the story teller the positive outcome of the event. This activity is supposed to help reframe negative situations into better learning experience.

  • Scavenger hunt

This makes up for a fun little activity where different participants are supposed to perform such tasks which are outdoors more. This could include any fun activity like clicking selfie with a stranger or taking a picture of an object around. You can pass of the list to every participant and the team which finishes this task first will be the winner. What this activity helps most with is breaking of office rivalries and encouraging people to make connections with people out of their social circle or interact with other departments as well.

  • Untangle the knot

Ask everyone to stand in a circle and face each other. They are supposed to get their right hands out and grab some random hand across from them. Next comes with left hand. By the time everyone is done you there is going to be a knot. Participants are supposed to untangle knot without breaking the hands. Because this game relies solely on communication this is why it helps build stronger communication.

Event planners in UAE will help you build such bond amongst employees with help of arranging team building events. In the long run, this is definitely going to prove helpful in terms of enhancing the overall productivity of your employees, thereby helping you enjoy better profits in the long run.